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Alchemia Jewellery

Our jewellery is made in Fife Scotland. Our priorities are making beautiful jewellery whilst creating a local business with skills and traditions that are bought and loved internationally.

Waves of the sea, ripples in the sand, intricate patterns of form in plant life, colours from ever changing landscapes, barley blown in the wind, petals falling at the end of the season, all these inspire with fleeting thoughts and sketches.

Clarity of line, fluid or symmetrical, the creativity and function of technique alongside studies of old manuscripts, insects, literature, all act to build a portfolio of ideas, drawings and vibrant colours which find their way into our designs.

Saphire and blue enamel - Set of three rings
Rubellite and diamond ring
Turquoise, enamel and diamond rings
Gold bee
Alchemia Jewellery
White and yellow gold necklace with blue topaz set with diamonds
Gold and plique-à-jour enamel bees
Rutilated quartz diamond and white gold neck piece
Emerald, tourmaline and green enamel rings
Aquamarine, white gold and diamond neck piece
Enamelled rings
Tourmaline, white gold and diamond neck piece